Results from July 13, 2016 Program Survey

7/22/2016 - PARCR Admin


Opthalmologist - "The Aging Eye"8
Security Methods being employed to protect residents10
Fraud, Scams & Computer hacking issues9
Tax Issues for Seniors11
Managed Care: Who qualifies, what it means, etc.10
Understanding Banking innovations4Eliminated
Understanding Medicare12
Hospice & Community Care4Eliminated
Futurist: Things that are disappearing21
Anne Henry: Senior Legislative Issues6

Order of Program Topics by Number of Votes

  1. Futurist
  2. Understanding Medicare
  3. Tax Issues for Seniors
  4. Security Methods being employed to protect residents (Tied for 4th place)
  5. Managed Care: who qualifies, what it means, etc. (Tied for 4th place)
  6. Fraud, Scams & Computer hacking
  7. Opthalmologist: The Aging Eye
  8. Anne Henry: Status of important legislative issues
  9. Understanding backing innovations (Eliminated - Tied for 9th)
  10. Hospice and Community Care (Eliminated - Tied for 9th)

For our 2017 meetings we only need to schedule three (3) programs due to the fact that our panel discussion on "Improving Communication between Administration and Residents" which was postponed in January due to weather is rescheduled for April, 2017. For the remaining 3 programs we will select topics from the top vote-getters and find appropriate speakers/presenters to provide another year of excellent programs. We will likely solicit program ideas from the membership again in mid 2017 so that we can carry on our tradition of providing timely, relevant and informative meetings well into the future.