PARCR - Posts Published in July 2014


Voting Results from July 9, 2014 Survey

7/16/2014 - PARCR Admin

  • Future of Social Security and Medicare (45 votes)
  • Bill of Rights for Seniors (33 votes)
  • Ophthalmologist- "The Aging Eye" (30 votes)
  • Current State of Healthcare in Pennsylvania (25 votes)
  • The Function and Purpose of the PA Long-Term Care Commission: Should PARCR be Involved? (23 votes)
  • Approaching and Dealing with End of Life Issues (22 votes)
  • Panel Discussion on Improving Two-Way Communication Between CCRC Residents and Administration (20 votes)
  • "Yellow Dot" Program at Normandie Ridge (15 votes)
  • Personal Help Systems Available (e.g. Medical Alert) (14 votes)
  • Understanding Long-Term Care Insurance (12 votes)
  • Difficulties of CCRC's Keeping Up with Regulations (9 votes)
  • Dealing with Problems Associated with Electricity Providers (8 votes)


July 2014 Summary

7/1/2014 - PARCR Admin

Thank you to those who participated in our state's annual conference and exposition!

LeadingAge PA held its annual education event June 18th-20th at the Hershey Lodge in Hershey, PA. This year's theme — "GO!" — encouraged particpants to stand up and take an active role in advocating for quality, affordable and ethical care across the continuum of senior services and emphasized the need for government to rebalance the way senior services are funded in order to enable providers to deliver the right service at the right time and in the right place to aging consumers.

Whitewood v. Wood

The recent Whitewood v Wood court case decision in which Pennsylvania's Defense of Marriage Act was overturned and same-sex couples were granted the right to legally marry within the Commonwealth has been generating many questions among senior service providers in terms of admissions policies and agreements. Providers with questions are strongly encouraged to seek their own legal counsel when reviewing current admissions policies and agreements in light of the Whitewood decision.

PA House and Senate to reconvene in September From a public policy standpoint, we expect things to be fairly quiet until September 15th, when both the House and the Senate will return to session. Stay tuned for additional policy action and updates, beginning late Summer / early Fall.