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Legislative Alert

6/12/2014 - PARCR Admin

On Tuesday June 10, 2014 we were notified by Leading Age PA that in order to meet procedural deadlines, the House introduced HB 2328, the long-awaited budget bill for fiscal year (FY) 2014-15. The bill is a copy of the budget that was approved for FY 2013-14 and it will serve as a starting point for many amendments and negotiations to come. LeadingAge PA advocated with both the legislature and the Governor's Office for increases from last year's reimbursement rates. The biggest concern with the current fiscal shortfall is the reduction in the Federal Medical Assistance Percentage (FMAP) that may result in a loss of over $300 million for the Medical Assistance (MA) program.

It is important that the legislatures know and understand that the current MA funding at last year's appropriation amount is far from what is needed to maintain the level of care expected by our residents. What would be worse is if last year's funding levels were reduced this year because the state did not appropriate funding to offset the loss of FMAP funding. LeadingAge PA is currently working on launching a letter writing campaign for members to communicate this important issue to your legislators.

Please take time to speak with your Community’s Executive Director/CEO for more detailed information. We, PARCR, will keep you informed as we receive additional information.

As Community Representatives, we may be calling upon you to contact your legislators to inform them of how our Communities will be impacted and ask the legislators' assistance in addressing the needs of our residents.

Thank you, George


Transitioning into June, June 2014

6/1/2014 - Laura Paist

CMP Funds to Improve Dementia Care in Nursing Facilities

This week the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services released a grant solicitation for the reinvestment of federal civil money penalty (cmp) funds to support and further expand the national partnership to improve dementia care in nursing facilities. (legislative update 4 />22/2014)

CMS Proposes FY 2015 SNF Rates & Other Changes

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) published a proposed rule in the Federal Register today related to the prospective payment system and consolidated billing for skilled nursing facilities (snf) for fiscal year (fy) 2015. a full summary of the proposed rule can be found here…this would result in 5 counties in the commonwealth—columbia, montour, franklin, monroe and adams—becoming urban counties beginning october 1, 2014. cms has proposed a 1-year transition period for all snfs during which a blended wage index will be applied to assist providers adapting to a new designation. leadingage pa is continuing to analyze this proposed rule and work with our partners at leadingage (national) to formulate our comments on these changes. (revenue update 5 />6/2014)

CMS Proposes Changes for Hospice Providers in FY 2015

Thank you to our partners at LeadingAge (national) for sharing their summary and analysis of the rule. (regulatory update 5 />7/2014)

State Revenue Shortfall Grows

In a press release, Pennsylvania's Department of Revenue announced that state revenue shortfalls are much higher than anticipated. This equates to a two-year difference of $1.35 billion, notwithstanding the statutory changes included in the proposed budget. LeadingAge PA continues to track this year's budget process in Harrisburg and will continue to provide updates to members as they become available. You can also visit the IFO online for additional information and revenue estimates. Please contact Joan Bradbury with questions. (Legislative Update 5/8/2014)

2014 Public Policy Objectives: Creating LTC Navigators for Consumers

LeadingAge PA's 2014 public policy objectives checklist has been propelling our advocacy efforts this year as we meet with the legislature and state agencies to discuss issues that affect our members and propose innovative solutions. today, we will be visiting legislative leaders and the governor's office to distribute the newest policy objective card on creating long-term care (ltc) navigators for consumers. you can follow along on our website as each objective is checked off the list!

NorthStar 2.0 - Members are Strategically Positioned: Types of Research to Support Your Strategic Planning Initiatives

Market Study vs. Community Needs Assessment

LeadingAge PA‘s NorthStar 2.0 encourages members to align their core competencies with the needs of the community they serve and to develop key partnerships throughout the continuum of services. To do that, they must have a thorough understanding of their market and the information that is relevant to healthcare providers in their community.

Still no Definitive Answers as to What is in the Budget

Stay tuned for more information! If you have any questions about the Commonwealth's budget, please contact Joan Bradbury.

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