In Memoriam

Ms. Elma Thomas Kreps was a founder and long time president of PARCR. She passed away in April, 2012.

Elma Kreps

From the NaCCRA Newsletter, July 2012:

Elma Kreps, 92, of Bethany Village, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, passed away on April 6, 2012. A long time member of NaCCRA, her colleagues will remember her as a Visionary, an Innovator, and an Advocate.

Elma was a resident of Bethany Village for 27 years. She saw the need for a resident council early in her tenure and founded the Bethany Village Resident Council of which she was the first president in the early 1990’s. Next, she saw the need for resident representation on the Village Board of Governors. This was accomplished during her term as president. Elma then saw the need for fellow CCRCs to join together to share common interests and to promote causes of the elderly. She contacted area communities and PARCR, The Pennsylvania Alliance of Retirement Community Residents, was founded with Elma as its first President. She served for 12 years and retired in 2007. She also served as Vice President of NaCCRA.

Elma was a unique lady. She wanted only the best for her Village, for PARCR, for NaCCRA, and for those who they serve. She was a true ADVOCATE.

George A Tjiattas, President PARCR